Technical Analysis Course

Technical Analysis Course

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Course Description

Technical Analysis is the most important art in Trading. Stock Market is a place where sky is the limit to earn money. There are lot of opportunities a Trader can get in stock market to earn big money. But to find out they requires good skill and knowledge. Those who want to trade in stock market should have Technical Analysis skill to know which are the good and bad trades. Trading without knowledge of Technical Analysis can affects you financially and psychologically. If you believe you are in losing stage then this course is for this course we are covering very basics relating to Technical Analysis.

Course Structure : -

Introduction to Technical Analysis and importance.

  • Technical analysis introduction

  • Candlestick Analysis

  • shock bar Patterns

  • Support and Resistance Analysis

Candlesticks Basics

  • Individual Candles

  • Two Bar Combinations

  • Three Bar Combinations

Candlesticks Advanced

  • COG Bars

  • Wide Range Bars

  • Narrow range Bars, Bodies

  • Bottoming Tails and Topping Tails.

Moving Averages

  • 8 period moving average

  • 20 period moving average

  • 200 period moving average.

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